Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Just Cause Coast 2 Coast - Forensic Science & DNA Testing to Prove Innocence

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Sam Thurman, Cliff Stewart and Lisa Stewart of the Colorado exoneration firm A Just Cause, discuss what happens when the wheels of justice trample unbridled over the rights of innocent Americans.   Although the American system of justice is the most-respected worldwide, it is still a system designed, and operated, by humans, which means it's not perfect. Sam, Cliff, and Lisa will highlight ongoing struggles against "the system" to free wrongfully imprisoned people, and what happens when justice miscarries against an actually innocent person.< Our Special Guests for tonight's show are Forensic Science Consultant, Barry Fisher,Attorney, Jennifer Blagg and Johnnie Lee Savory, who spent 36 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.
A Just Cause is currently campaigning for "FreeTheIRP6," who's been wrongly imprisoned in Florence, CO for a crime they didn't commit. Read full 

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